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Students Tell the World

Students Tell the World is the Office of Education’s support for Student/Youth/Child Evangelism. The ways that students share their love of Jesus is as varied as there are children in our school and churches. Each student/child hears the voice of God and responds differently. Teachers, pastors, and youth leaders must support, coach, and support the call that the young people feel to tell others of God’s love. Evangelistic series available for students and youth in Atlantic Union:

  1. Write and develop a personal message/drama/skit with leaders help and encouragement  (suggestions below).
  2. Sermon series – Let Freedom Ring (PDF sermons below)
  3. 5 C’s of Christianity and 5 S’s of Adventism
    Notes Available at:
    YouTube example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brgu4qxAX4E
  4. Share Him –Truth4Youth