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Keyboarding and Document Production Exam

Technological literacy, an essential skill in the classroom and workplace, should be the shared responsibility of all disciplines. Expertise in this area provides tools for effective and efficient communication. This document identifies the use of a variety of formats and skills, the operation of standard computer systems, and  manipulation  and storage of data as necessary criteria for keyboarding competence. This assessment instrument has been separated into two test:
Test I – Basic Keyboarding
Test II – Keyboarding and Document Production

Based on the varying school programs, the teacher may choose to administer only Test I (Basic Keyboarding) for placement purposes. It is important for basic keyboarding skills to be mastered before other applications are attempted. Test II may be administered to allow a student to waive the class and/or receive one semester of high school credit for keyboarding. The student must take all parts of Test II with a cumulative score of 80% before exemption or credit can be granted.


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