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Disabilities Ministries

Our Mission

Disabilities Ministries works to encourage, facilitate, and nurture those who are disabled.

The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America is to reach all people within its assigned territory with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In accordance with the mission, Disabilities Ministries is a service of the church that sensitizes its members to reach out to people with disabilities with the gospel and incorporate those individuals in all areas of church life.


The Disabilities Ministries Team

Lileth Coke

Associate Director / Certification Registrar / Coordinator


Conference Disabilities Ministries Coordinators/Directors

Pauline DeShield


Bermuda Conference
PO Box HM 1170
Hamilton, HM EX, Bermuda

Jessica McGowan Smith

Deaf Ministries Coordinator

Southern New England Conference
34 Sawyer St.
South Lancaster, MA 01561