Update Regarding Degree Granting Authority at Atlantic Union College

The Board of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Mass BHE) has accorded Atlantic Union College the authority to award the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Religion and Bachelor of Science in Health Science/Biology.

We are delighted with this decision and will be working over the coming months to develop faculty and staff, to seek accreditation, and develop plans for recruitment.

Further and ongoing information will be forthcoming as soon as it is available. We thank all who have been praying and patiently waiting for this positive outcome from the Mass BHE.

Duane Cady, Interim President
Donald King, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Atlantic Union College

If you have inquiries regarding this notice or other Atlantic Union College related questions, please contact Premila Willmott, administrative secretary at the Atlantic Union Conference, via e-mail: pwillmott@atlanticunion.org or call (978) 368-8333.