Reflections on New York Conference Camp Meeting 2012

Camp Meeting 2012 in the New York Conference not only made memories, but reflected on many memories from the past. The 150th anniversary of the conference was celebrated this year. In honor of this occasion, many of the meetings featured the “appearances” of several pioneers of the church, including Martha Byington, the first Adventist school teacher (portrayed by Judi Eells), Ellen and James White (Rita Hoshino and Dennis Farley, respectively), Lucy and William Miller (Linda and Jim Everhart), Uriah and Annie Smith (Fred and Kathe Burghardt), J. N. Andrews (John Livergood), David Arnold (Don Bozarth), Frederick Wheeler (Chris Kober), and Hiram Edson (Howard Krug). Each participant dressed ina period costume, as did some of the constituents. Horse-drawn buggy rides were also offered.

Speakers for the event included Dedrick Blue, senior pastor of the Ephesus church in New York, on the first weekend; Rick Kuntz, a pastor and conference evangelist in the Northern New England Conference, throughout the week; and Bill Knott, editor of the Adventist Review, on the second weekend. Brian Strayer, professor of history at Andrews University, presented stories of the pioneers during his weekly morning seminars. While each of these speakers admonished those who attended camp meeting to learn and benefit from the past, they also inspired them to look forward to the soon return of Jesus.

Other events that created positive new memories included a teacher commissioning service on the first weekend. Teachers Apryl Maloon and Suzy Gloudeman were dedicated to the ministry of teaching. As in the past, camp meeting events included outreach to the community through a 5K run and a health fair. The second Sabbath was special with the baptism of seven individuals.

Throughout the event, there were reminders that the members are not hoping to celebrate another 150 years on this earth, rather, they are longing for the soon return of Jesus as did the Adventist pioneers.

—Kim Kaiser, communication director, New York Conference

Look for additional photos in the September 2012 issue of the Atlantic Union Gleaner.