Northeastern Conference Delegates Elect New Officers at Session

The Northeastern Conference convened its twenty-sixth regular constituency session on Sunday, June 10 at Camp Victory Lake in Hyde Park, New York. When all was said and done, a change in leadership was voted by the delegates. The new officers elected for the next four years are Daniel Honore, president; Oswald Euell, executive secretary; and Edson Bovell, treasurer. They will serve the more than 50,000 members in the conference.

Newly-elected Northeastern Conference administrators and departmental directors with Atlantic Union Conference administrators. Not pictured are Fitzgerald Kerr and Roger Wade.

Departmental directors voted to serve are:
Lawrence Brown – Stewardship, Trust Services, and Religious Liberty
Pollyanna Prosper-Barnes – Family Ministries and Children’s Ministries
Leroy Daley – Personal Ministries and Health Ministries
Fitzgerald Kerr – Community Services and Sabbath School
JeNean Johnson – Communication
Ainsworth Joseph – Ministerial
Roger Wade – Youth Ministries
Viola Chapman – Education
Stacy Gordon – Adventist Book Center
Jose Joseph – Franco-Haitian Ministries
José Burroughs – Hispanic Ministries

The Women’s Ministries position was referred to the executive committee for action.

Representatives from the Atlantic Union Conference: Donald King; president; Carlyle Simmons, secretary; Leon Thomassian, treasurer; Pierre Omeler, vice president for Haitian Ministries; Dionisio Olivo, vice president for Hispanic Ministries; and the union directors, associate directors, and assistant directors were on hand to assist with the session. They were joined by representatives from the North American Division: Dan Jackson, president; Tom Evans, treasurer; and Alvin Kibble, vice president.

Thanks and appreciation were extended to Trevor Baker, Larry Bailey, and Ebenezer Agboka, and the departmental directors for their leadership and service during the last four years.

The delegates received reports and voted recommended changes to the Constitution and Bylaws. Among the changes was the vote to impose term limits on the office of president and secretary of two consecutive terms, and the office of treasurer of three consecutive terms. In addition, term limits were also voted for all departmental directors of two consecutive terms, and the education director for three consecutive terms. All items on the agenda were completed at the session that concluded at approximately 11:20 p.m.

A complete report will be included in the July issue of the Atlantic Union Gleaner.

Ednor A. P. Davison
Assistant to the President for Communication
Atlantic Union Conference