Math Clinic Reveals Christ Through Numbers

Fifty-four students participated in a Math Clinic at the Brooklyn school on June 24-28. It was one of several clinics scheduled this year in conjunction with the NY13 evangelistic meetings.

For the entire week math skills were taught using the Bible as a textbook. Adventist as well as non-Adventist students from the neighborhood were challenged to find examples and analogies from the Bible to illustrate the concepts taught. For example, students studying the numeral seven had to find and share examples in the Bible where seven was used. When the numeral seven is flipped, it forms the letter L. Students then had to find a word beginning with “L” that summed up each story.

During the week, several parents stopped by to listen and learn. They expressed appreciation for what their children were learning and were bewildered that their children were so enthusiastic to attend this clinic when all year they were reluctant to attend school. Superintendents David Cadavero and Viola Chapman stopped by during the week to lend their support.

Friday evening was the culminating event. It featured students demonstrating and explaining their learned skills and sharing the biblical analogy. Laura Mayne, principal of the Brooklyn school, welcomed parents, relatives, and friends to this event. Each clinician introduced their students. The clinicians for the math clinic were Paulette Harrison-Davis, grades K-1; Merine Williams, grades 2-4; Sonia Barrett, grades 5-6; and Wayne Edwards, grades 7-10.

When the Atlantic Union Conference Office of Education was asked to participate in the NY13 evangelistic outreach it was determined that Seventh-day Adventist schools are evangelistic centers 180 days each school year. The curriculum through the year is faith-based, because instruction is based on the teachings in the Bible. It was therefore determined that just as our churches were being used to house evangelistic meetings, so should our schools.

I pray that the seeds planted in the minds and hearts of these young children will germinate and grow, and when Christ comes to gather His precious jewels, they will be there. Do keep these children in your prayers.

—Astrid Thomassian, education director, Atlantic Union Conference