Health: Our Best Investment

Living a healthy lifestyle not only benefits individuals, but also those who may be within their sphere of influence. As we get older, our bodies are subject to more and more diseases that can cause devastating impacts on our lives and the lives of our families. It is, therefore, very important that we pay more … Read more

Empowering Our Youth for Service

The youth are not only our future, but they are impacting the work of the church today. As we reflect on biblical history, many of the outstanding leaders in Israel were young adults. People such as Joseph, who distinguished himself in Egypt by standing firmly for his moral convictions and not accepting Potiphar’s wife’s invitation … Read more

Looking Back . . . Moving Forward

God has been faithful to His promise of being with us and guiding us as we carry out the mission of hope and wholeness. As we look back at 2018, we can identify the progress made by Atlantic Union Conference in spite of its challenges. At the onset of 2018, we were faced with the … Read more

Peace in the Midst of a Storm

On a daily basis we face many storms. Whether it is based on politics, finances, health, or relationships, how we deal with these storms will help to determine whether or not we will survive while in the midst of them. The narrative that is found in Mark 4:35-41 describes an incident that took place when … Read more

The Preeminence of Prayer

When God created us, one of His objectives was to have a relationship with us as He had with the angels. The enemy of our soul, Satan, has calculated that if he can keep us from communicating with God, then he can destroy that relationship. The primary way of communicating with God is through prayer. … Read more

Reflection and Moving Forward

As we have crossed over the threshold of time into 2018, we must give God thanks for taking us through 2017. For some of us, it was a challenging year, but we must thank God for taking us through. Our officers and departmental directors moved the work along and we were able to accomplish much … Read more

Let’s Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time for our families to get together and celebrate what God has done for us. Asthe year ends, we have the privilege to reflect on how God has led and blessed us. One of the greatest blessings anyone could ever have is family and supportive people around them. Thanksgiving provides an opportunity … Read more